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this guy jeffy

ok so this guy named jeffy not my jeff but jeffy i meet him at this wedding tabitha took me to, and he wasn't anything great to look at and that doesn't really matter to me so he starts talking to me and i'm like ok i guess cuz this was a lame wedding anyways. he's 21 and lives at home doesn't have a job and has a bad dating history but i'm like hey he's 21 and your 20's are all about finding yourself. so i talk to him the last two weeks and found out that he thinks school is a big waste of time i'm like oh dear, cuz school is a big thing for me. he didn't even get done with highschool and has no plans for a ged or anything. so i think maybe he's the kinda guy who needs a push or someone to back him. so i tell him look i'll help u if u want help. he says he does and comes up with a millon and one reasons why he can't go back or what he's afraid of. i'm like look it's on you what you want to do with your life.
so we went round and round he's saying he's dumb i'm saying anyone can learn, he says ppl talk shit about him i say fuck them, he says how do i know your not going to leave me? i say where getting ahead of ourselves. then i say drop it your not your ready to deal with your life and i don't have time for this so he's like your dumping me i said look you need to do more with your life then live at home and do nothing you need to be a work in movement. he gets all hush hush and then he's like well what if i get a job and make good money i said your still going to get doors slammed in your face cuz you don't have that slip of paper. and how do u plan on getting a good job you said you won't even take a bus cuz your afraid you'll get lost. he once again gets all hush hush on me and i'm like call me when you want to get your shit together. he hung up opps he makes me feel all bad but whatever
i'm a pretty fucked up person on a normal day but baby sitting someone is not my thing so ugh...........
oh well his lose not mine how can a person at 21 be so sad???
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