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new pills

so here is my so called life monday i go see the pill doctor that brandon says i need to see i go ok fine i guess i go see him he throws me on a mood stable pill and some pill to help me sleep ok good deal what ever, monday i my head starts to hurt but it goes away tuesday i feel fine wedsday i drop the damn pill in the water before i take it and the coating comes off and i'm sick as a dog the rest of the day, thursday i feel alright till i eat and while all this is going on i'm to meet jenn and D but i'm throwing up all over richards couch and myself going oh shit i'm sorry and as i stand up i just fall right back down so christi walks me upstairs to helps me into the bath tub the door bell is ringing call it old bitchiness between those two but chirsti won't stick her head out the window and tell jenn i just threw up all over myself and the couch and that i just can't do anything right now. so i'm just like ugh... i feel so gross and i'm thinking jenn is going to be pissed at me and she has every right to be but at the sametime i didn't ask to get hella sick and just ugh....... so that was thursday firday was hard as well saturday was so/so so far and i don't know about anything else. so this is life on meds my arms go numb, i'm talking half ass more so then normal. i can't hold a thought, i'm dizzy all the time, i can't eat, they say this shit fades with time i'm wondering how so when all there going to do is up the dose. ok i'm done feeling sorry for myself i'm going to bounce
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