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i can be cruel i don't know why

so i was cruel and if asked for a reason i'd have to say i don't know. well ok maybe there is in fact a reason, this guy jeffy who is all into me that i meet like in the start of summer is all up in grill and i told him get your life together find a job or go back to school and maybe we can talk and his mom is treating like a child and hey if you want to be 21 living at home and have no goals then yes you get treated like a child and yes your mom should and does have the right the right to cut your internet time to 3 hours a day sorry so when he bumps into me on line and goes i have to go can i call you and i go sorry i'm on my landlords pc and he's like call me and i'm like no i'm not using there phone that's rude. and i was like well act like child and that's how you'll be treated and he was like why that was mean and i was just kind like ........ hmmmmmm...... i was more amused with myself for having said that cuz this guy needs a reality cheak more then anyone i can think of. now i know the thing that fucks me up alot is knowing what is going down in my life but this guy is other end of all that. so yeah i don't know
one the plus side i got this kool job with pathfinders that i'll start in a month info is going out in the mail and then groovy beans this is the place i really wanted to work for so yeah.... ok i'm going to bounce
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