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ok so i came down from that cloud and apart of me is like way glad cuz i was getting way to weird cuz i wasn't sleeping and i wasn't eating and my body was like hey lady eat something and take a chill pill we need our sleep. and on the 6th day she just fell on her face. so after hours of sleep i find i wrote something on line that i didn't think of on line hoppers so i feel like a ass, i was just venting about how something was kinda hard for me to be back a weird place and someone was part of that story that's how i got to that weird place. i didn't mean to hurt or cross a line or do anything to harm her and i hope she know that i was manic and not thinking it thur and it seems like no one reads this anyways. however i see the point. i'm just sorry to have made the person upset in anyway.
school starts in a week and i still don't have my books, yeah me. i don't know what the book ppl did cuz i was manic and put in half my adress where the card i was using on line was getting charged and half my mom's cuz that's where my mail goes. i should order things on-line while manic. i get things mixed up ugh...... ugh.... so i don't know if my books are getting lost in that mail as we speak or it's ok to reorder them i need to call these's ppl.
tabitha starts school and that makes me sad she's going to matc and she's one of the dumbest ppl i know and she was trying to buy books for her classes with a any idea as to what book she would need. she thought cuz she had a went thur orientation and had a class list with the teachers name and room number and time, so she thought she could get books i was like where does it say the name fo the books you need? you need to wait. well what the .... and she's going off on me.
then the pc at school crashed and they sad pull out the book and pick out your classes by hand you where at orientation so you know how to do this or maybe you should repeat the orientation and think about if your in the right place cuz your not doing very well already thisn't play time MS. thing and tabitha seemed to almost cry and walked away and was like help me. i'm not going to hold her hand thur this school yeah. hell no. that's all i have to say about that.
so yeah that's my so called life today.
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