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long december

wow I haven't been here in such a long time. I'm not really that girl anymore, thanks to alot of therapy and the right medication combo. lets see where to start.
-I went back to school got my Ged
-got into Alverno an over priced all girls school but I love it there with small class sizes and professer who know your name and care about you passing the class.
-I moved home but not like some losers who move home cuz there with out jobs or goals, i moved home cuz I didn't have a lot of options at the time and also for college.
-I got a new cat shadow so cute.
-I drive now
- I got a car a mazda 323 red
- I went horse back riding and i know that may not seem huge the old me would of never of gone.
- I joined a bunch of groups at school and it's totally fun just being a college kid pretty much, I feel like a teenager at age 25.
-I can't think of one thing I need right now but my grandmother who past away in November, but she's with me always
- so yeah it's all good
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