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lovely day

the day was lovely as I dropped off my last paper for school, cleaned out my locker and said yay cuz that's the way I was feeling.
I got a New CAR a Chevy Cavalar 99' cherry red, it's super kool.
It runs really great, and I got a sweet deal.
my old car was a POS but this car is sweet.
oh and I'm soon going to be packing, my mom is getting a duplex and that is lovely as well.
we'll be under the same roof but not really.
we pay a lot for rent here and with the down payment money coming from my grandmother's estate, we can buy this duplex and we can set it up to split everything plus I get it free & clear one day being an only child.
so I'll have a yard and a puppy and some kids pretty soon yay... oh and a great job when I get out of college. I made a ton of friends this term, and they're so kool, I love them a lot.
I'm going to look into a small part time job to start saving for my trip over sea's, I can't make up my mind between London or semester at sea.
I have time
well ta-ta
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